Welcome to Our Support System

Please note we are handing large number clients within India and outside India. To handle large number of customers we have common terms and conditions to serve better and manage customers/clients well.

Support Terms & Conditions

1)  You may attach screenshot while submitting request for better understanding & also share login details if the query/issue does require.

2) Please know we do not work 24hrs. Our Working Hour 10AM to 7PM IST Monday to Friday only.

3) Please understand we usually do not provide emergency/urgent support as we manage large number of customer query/support.

4) Please know support reply is given within 24/48 hrs or may take extra if testing/checking required by team excluding Saturdays & Sundays.

5) Please know after support period expired, we will provide per issue basis support it will be chargeable depending the work/issue size and it will take extra said time.

6) Please know account/website start date is deemed from the date of order first payment receive. On the basis of start date, expiry date is calculated. We do not charge per domain or per hosting basis fee, only one account/website fee.

7) If you require customization/additional work/management/data entry work then please confirm with dev team by creating a ticket first. Because customization/additional work/management/data entry work depending on team/developer availability to work on and extra fee, extra timing.

Thank you