How to show ads of your products on Google & Facebook

WEBSOLINK helps you to run your own product ads on Google and Facebook at ease.

Shopping ads becoming very popular and it is integrated with your ecommerce website so you can show your store products on Google or Facebook, and when people search for your products on google they will see your product and click the product to see details on your ecommerce website and to buy the same product.

It is very powerful and easy to get large number of orders per day. it will feel like auto order creation by genuine buyers.

We are charging minimum fee to setup your shopping ads on your ecommerce website and if you do not have ecommerce website we also offer you ecommerce website at best low price with high end resources and server.

Product Listing Ads - Google Shopping Ads and Facebook Product Ads

Know Everything to Setup Your Own Shopping Ads

You need ecommerce online store website and already added products which are ready too sale.

What is Shopping Ads?

Shopping ad is list of products advertisement shows on google shopping section and facebook products ad section when ever visitor search for that product

Generally your ecommerce store products are sync to Google Merchant Center for Google and Facebook Catalog Ad for Facebook. And these products are shown for visitor search query according respective search rank.

How to advertise my store products?

If you are already having online ecommerce store and you want to list all of your items on google shopping center/google merchant center or Facebook Catalog Ads. Simply you can ask developer to connect/integrate google merchant center and Facebook business ads on your store and then you are ready to sync all of your existing products and as well as upcoming products to google and facebook.

Talk to us today for shopping ads integration, you can simply WhatsApp or call us directly.

How much i have to spend for Shopping Ads

Shopping ad does not require huge budget campaign unless you are having millions of products. You can get order from shopping ads by spending as minimum as Rs. 5 or USD 1. Run you shopping ads campaign today and earn by selling your best items.

There is no fixed or minimum budget, you can simply run ads on all your products available on your store and start taking payments and delivering your goods.

Can i list my service items?

Currently service selling by Shopping ads not possible as it is deemed for physical products. But however you can still service items the way you add products on your ecommerce website.

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