SSL Certificate.

https:// is good thing to protect ur data from techies, so we provide SSL Certificate by default on every website or landing page you create even on Free Forever Plan.

As per google policy https:// is more recommended url then non https://


100% Guarantee Support Reply

We provide 100% guarantee support reply, because we know you may need help and guidance during your success journey. We are also available for integration / modification work

Support reply is usully provided within 24/48 hrs, but sometime reply in 10 minutes. It all depends upon support queue, as we reply first query first reply basis to all of our clients

Email & SMS Notification

We know confirmation, alert & offer, send out to customers increase engagement. So we provide email & SMS notification on action by visitor on your website or landing page.

Configure SMTP Setting with SMTP details to send email using your own SMTP or by default use our email sending system. SMS is sent by system SMS header, if you want to use you SMS API you can configure the same.


Apps & Integrations

Our team available for any third party apps integration or additional modification, so do send us your query to our modification department if you have any.

Please know modification is not provided for free as we have paid developers, please request for a quote to our modification department

Product Bulk Import/Export

WEBSOLIN offers inbuilt bulk import and export tools which helps to upload/download products data in quick time, also this help you to migrate your existing website's data to our website system. Simply you have to download sample import file and fill your data and the upload it in the admin panel.


Ecommerce Full Features

Most powerful ecommerce features in free ecommerce website

Login with Google & Facebook

Ecommerce store comes with login with Google and Facebook social login where customer/buyer can easily login to store without going through manual registration process. This helps store owner to get quick checkout response from buyer. We offer this feature by default enabled so you can kick start your order checkout from your buyer.

Coupon Code & Gift Certificate

You can create multiple unlimited coupon codes with use rule/condition where customer can using during checkout out, coupon will be applied when rule/condition meets. You can also set once per user coupon code or one use by anyone. You can also set coupon code with category or product specific.

Store has gift certificate system you can enable/disable as per your needs, gift certificate allows customer to purchase on your website and they can share with friends or relatives to buy any products using that gift certificate. Amount can be specified by admin.

Shipping & Payment Gateway

Our system has already integrated with worlds most popular payment gateways and courier shipping, you just to enable it from admin panel after you register/activate your account from payment gateway provider/shipping provider. Once you are payment gateway and shipping enabled you are ready to count sales and track you order status from single dashboard.

Mobile APPs Android & IOS APP

We provide ecommerce android & ios app free of cost within forever free plan, which gives more power to your business to get orders through mobile apps. And you can manage your app content from admin panel with out any developer help. Apps will be uploaded to respective market store like Android to Google Playstore & Apple to Appstore. Also know we will need developer account to upload the app under your developer account it may cost to obtain developer account from Google and Apple

Multi Vendor or Multi Seller Feature

Opt-in for multi vendor feature to turn your website into a multi seller marketplace website and earn commission seller or subscription basis. Where you sell your own products from your admin panel and seller who join your website as a seller he will have his own seller panel to sell his products. it has seller approval system and seller product approval system so admin can approve valid stores and items. Admin can monitor or can login to seller panel from admin panel dashboard.

Hyperlocal or Multi Location Ecommerce

Hyperlocal or Multi Location ecommerce is now very popular as it target location based customer with location based products and its pricing. Admin can sell in different multiple location where visitor/buyer only able to purchase within that specific locations. This helps many industry such as grocery selling , bakery selling, food selling, any location specific products

More Feature & Customisation

We are keep adding more features and update to our system and if any features not available that can be done by additional customisation. We can provide you customisation quote for your requirement.